Cycling around The Baltic sea 2019-2024

 Lithuanian military association Traveler's club (LKA KK) organizes a cycling tour around the Baltic Sea. Every year, over 1,000 kilometers in 14 days. There are no restrictions to participate in the tag. In addition, participants can join or finish at any stage of the trip. For more information, see LKA KK travelers website and forum.

Stage duration - 14 d.
Stage distance ~ 1000 km.
2019 LT-101Vilnius - Svinouiscis  Completed 
2020 LT-102 NO COVID - 19  Completed
2021 LT-103 Svinouiscis į Treleborgas Completed
2022 LT-104 Treleborgas- Stokholmas Completed
2023 LT-105 Stokholmas - Helsinki  Completed
2024 LT-106 Narva- Klaipėda (registration in process)

Everyone is welcome to join us,  especially
cyclists from Germany, Poland, Sweeden, Estonia, Latvia, and Denmark.

All kinds of suggestions, ideas, wishes ... are very welcome.We are actively looking for sponsors 

 registration 2023-07-06/23 LT-104 Cycling around The Baltic sea II satge