Support for Ukraine

Moving on, the war is not over and we are part of it

2022-09-25 Cargo in Chernihiv, with troops. 

23-09-2022 Cargo departs for Chernigov. THANKS TO Karolis Sankauskas

21-09-20 2022 Hello, As part of our continued support to Ukraine, we have prepared special footwear for our troops. We are looking for capacity to transport 3 pallets to Chernigov. Two of the standard pallets are 2.1 m high and the third is 1.8 m high. 338 pairs of footwear in total.

2022-09-07 We bought 20 radios. They arrived in Lithuania and we arranged their transport to Ukraine. The Ukrainian military unit informed us that the 20 radios had reached them.  

We have received a request from a Ukrainian military unit to support them with specific measures that are very much needed at the moment. For obvious reasons, we will not disclose which military unit this is.
We need:
Volswagen Multivan, passenger, diesel;
Volswagen Multivan, cargo, diesel;
Volswagen Amaroko, diesel;
Pulsar Accolade 2LRF XP50 PRO, 2 pcs; (estimated budget ~6000 EUR X 2 );
20 radios (already ordered, going to LT) (estimated budget - 3000 EUR);
Diesel generator Hyundai DHY12000SE-3 (10 kW); (planned budget - ~5500 EUR);
Petrol generator Hyundai HY200 Si; (planned budget - 700 EUR);
Eco Flow ELTA Pro charging station (3600 W). (planned budget - ~4000 EUR);
Funds needed (without vehicles) - 25 200 EUR.

Our actions are coordinated with the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the Embassy of Lithuania in Ukraine, a specific military unit in Ukraine and other relevant institutions. We transport all supplies independently to Ukraine and hand them over directly to the command of the military units, without any redistribution points.Although our projects are not on the same scale as Bayraktar, they are just as important and we carry them out with all our heart.
We invite and encourage you to contribute to the support of the Ukrainian soldiers by transferring money to the settlement account of the Lithuanian Soldiers' Association Travellers' Club at SEB bank LT767044060008036150, with the indication "Donation to Ukraine" in the section "Purpose", with the legal entity code 303342955.
We will provide more information on request for individuals or legal entities donating larger amounts.

Phase II is underway. Tyres - our support on the frontline or for legal entities, we will provide more information on request.

Tyres are in high demand for Ukrainian troops. They get used up very quickly there. Fragments from military projectiles, reinforcement bars, sharp pieces of concrete, etc., shorten the life of tyres considerably. The Ukrainian army is very short of tyres of all kinds. They may be new, but should not be more than 5 years old, with a sufficiently thick tread. We have received specific information from the Ukrainian military on the need for tyres (see below). After contacting Vaidotas Žala, we have already received and transported 28 tyres to the front lines. Our respect and many THANKS to Vaidotas Zala for his support. Yes, these tyres rolled to victory in Dakar, and now the sand from the Dakar desert has spilled out onto the orc-blasted road in Ukraine. The tyres have already been mounted on military vehicles. But they are still missing, so please help.    

+ activities

On 14 June 2022, we brought the family of a Ukrainian soldier to Lithuania. Thanks to Ramūnas Jukna for the swift and safe transfer of this family from war-torn Ukraine. 

Phase I completed - our support at the front

  • The communications equipment you all donated has already reached the defenders at the front (22-05-2022). We believe that these means will help in the pursuit of the occupying army from the Ukrainian soil. This project was only possible thanks to all of you. Ukraine will be free!

    THANK YOU for putting your trust in the Lithuanian Soldiers' Association Travellers' Club!
    Special thanks to the Lithuanian Embassy in Ukraine and the Lithuanian Rifle Association.

2022-05-12 The Lithuanian community in Copenhagen trusts LKA KK. Thank you Lithuanians for your support to Ukraine.
2022-05-06-06 The shipment of 106 radios with extra batteries and antennas has arrived in Lithuania. Programming work is in progress. Transportation issues are being coordinated.

we received a request for radios from Ukrainian soldiers defending their country. Their use would enable information dissemination, uninterrupted and more secure radio communication in the war zone.
The amount to be raised is around €13 000.
The project is being implemented in coordination with the relevant Lithuanian and Ukrainian authorities.
The Lithuanian Soldiers' Association Travellers' Club is providing €2,300 for this project.
We invite and encourage you to contribute to the support of the Ukrainian soldiers by transferring money to the settlement account of the Lithuanian Soldiers' Association Travellers' Club in SEB bank LT767044060008036150, in the "Purpose" section of the transfer indicate "Support for Ukraine", legal entity code 303342955.
In order not to disclose detailed information, we will provide the donors with the donation report in person.

Karo broliai Ukrainoje su mūsų įranga ir priemonėmis