Lietuvos karių asociacija Keliautojų klubas

Lithuanian military association Travelers club is a limited liability, non profit organisation. All  activities of this organisation are not related to any political party or religious organisation. LKA KK  is contraction of Lithuanian military association Travelers Club

Our intensions:

To foster and  educate Lithuanian civic mindfulness and national values

To promote active knowledge of Lithuanian authenticity through civic education and active lifestyle of an family in Lithuania

To strengthen  the Lithuanian military image among civilians

Main activities

  • Organising  excursions and activities related to  traveling:  hiking, expeditions, camps and other tourism related events
  • Hosting lectures and organising training about travels and hiking. Rental for traveling and hiking equipment
  • Short-term accommodation activities:
  • Sports/military activities, entertainment and relaxation, shooting sports, military sports competition games, camp planning, organisations sports/military education eventsrecreational education, other education-related services (hikes, trips, lectures, seminars, history, ethnography and other subjects about Lithuanian culture);
  • Landscape cleaning activities
  • Supply of food and drinks activities
  • Publishing activities
  • Reproduction of recorded media;
  • Retail in non-specialized stores and more


  • The Conference(governing body) - has  all of the member's general meeting's rights . In Conference of The LKA KK all members of the LKA KK have the right to participate and the right to vote. 
  •  Collegiate governing body is the -  Council. The Council is elected from members of The Association for 7 years in The Conference. It is a collegial governing body that organizes the activities of the LKA KK between the meetings of the Conference.  Council is directly responsible and accountable to the Conference. Members of the Council:
    • Rolandas Lubys
    • Dalia Prakapienė
    • Ieva Povilaitytė
  • The sole governing body is - the President. The President is elected from the members of the Council for a period  7 years and the President is also a chairman of the Council.  The President acts on behalf of the LKA KK and is directly responsible and accountable to the Council. The President: 
    • Rolandas Lubys


Members of the LKA KK may be soldiers of the Lithuanian military, their family members.  Lithuanian and foreign countries legal entities and of course active legal persons.

LKA KK has  Honor members.  <> also a person suggested by the President of the Association,  The Council or The Conference. The Honor members exempt from joining fees and other payments, but they do not have voting right and cannot be elected to the management bodies 

(Translation is still on the work) 



Members of the LKA KK have to pay initiation fees and membership fees. The one-time initation  fee: 

  • For natural person 20 €
  • For legal person 100 €

Annual membership fee

  • For natural person 15 € or 2 %  GPM(Resident Income Tax RIX) LKA KK support  
  • For legal person 100 €. No more then 5 representatives of the legal person may participate in the activities. If there are more then 5,  the legal person must consult the president. 

Payment order

Initiation member fees and annual members fee is paid via e-banks or by cash to the LKA KK account. All of the fees cannot be paid in instalments

Membership fee for the current year must be paid until February 15th.

The members who have supported us by their own (RIX-Resident Income Tax ) 2% wont have to pay membership fees. 

New member (natural person), who has paid initiation fee, does not pays fee for the  year in wich he has joined. New member (legal person) must pay both fees: membership fee for the year it joined the LKA KK and the initiation fee

The member who has been expelled or removed from the LKA KK will not receive any refunds. 

Membership and initiation fees are used for LKA KK activites. 

For each trip organized by the LKA KK, a Hiking Administration fee is set. Members who paid fees correctly and in time are exempted from that fee. Those members do not pay the Hiking Administration fee.