The ability to navigate in  forest, helps to navigate in regular life as well


START: 09.00H. DURATION: 24H. END: 09.00H.

Meeting place

 Pabradės GPS coordinates:


09:00 Meet.
09:30 Introduction.
10:00 Practical lecture.
Introduction to topography.
- Compass.
Introduction to maps
- Scale.
- Contractual signs.
- Relief map.
4, 6, 8 digit coordinates on the map.
- Determination of distances
- Determination of azimuths
- Map orientation
Determining your location.
Route selection.
Route card
Step pairs calculation.
12:30 Orientation hike up to 25-30 km
08:00 Return (the time it takes for everyone to return).
09:00 Farewell
 The price of the 1st level course is 25 € per participant


-The more sophisticated Level I i.e. lessons learned +
-  sketch drawing.
- orientation with a rag.
- risk assessment during orientation.
- hike at 18:00, day and night, total up to 36 hours
- guided hike up to 40-60 km

- separate route for each.
Participation is only possible after completing the first level, as basic knowledge is required.
 The cost of a Level II course is 40 € per participant.

Lithuanian military association's Travelers club"  organizes orientation and navigation courses in a form of a hike 

AIM –  to provide knowledge about orienteering skills so that the participant would become proficient in using orienteering tools, without orienting(electronical) devices.             

Hike  which will expand Your
orientation and topographic knowledge and to make it more interesting, orientation in the area will be artificially hampered: Lost. Unknown location.

What do you need to take: 
1. "Outdoor" type clothes
2. "Outdoor" shoes ( 2 pairs)
3. Backpack
4. plaster medical
5. Flashlight 
6. Water 1,5 l
7. 3 pairs of warm socks
8. Orientation tools  that you have
9. Extra clothes
The participant organizes what he eats independently after completing the individual tasks. It will also be possible to buy dry rations (MRE).
Arrive at the designated point at 09.00 and depart at 09.00. the next morning (night). Lodging is not planned.

• The size of the group is from 15 to 30 participants.
• The courses are run by soldiers and professionals who are excellent experts in the field
• The price of the 1st level course is 25 € per participant

• After completing the course, participants receive "Army and Civilian,"  "Survival" and "ProgearLT" discount cards.
• Upon successful completion of the course- receive certificates

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