Sakartvelo (Georgian) "vienis"

"Flag of Five Crosses"
was used as early as the 13th century. The main element of the flag is St. George's cross (still used in the English flag), which is called the patron saint of Georgia. According to heraldry specialist Giorgi Gabeskiria, four additional crosses were added during the reign of George V, who expelled the Mongols. At that time, the equivalent of the Jerusalem cross was used as a symbol of the holy land, which resembles a large cross surrounded by four smaller ones..

In 1991 after the separation from the Soviet Union, the flag began to be used by Georgian patriots. Many residents wanted to restore this flag as a symbol of the country's statehood, but the Georgian parliament did not approve it. In 2004 January 14 the current flag was finally approved by parliament and formally legalized on January 25 

Georgian military forces ( საქართველოს შეიარაღებული ძალები, sak'art'velos sheiaraghebuli dzalebi) – 

The Armed Forces of Georgia operate in accordance with the Constitution of Georgia, the Law on Defense and National Military Strategy of Georgia, and international treaties to which Georgia has signed.

The Georgian Armed Forces are controlled by the Ministry of Defense